The Latest From the Bahamas

“There have been several expeditions in the past year to the underwater building foundation we first reported 2010 (…). This structure, which is definitely a building foundation has been reliably carbon dated to about 19,000 B.C. (…). Recent expeditions have removed sand from sides of some of the walls of the structure but have not definitively shown how far down the exterior walls extend. The most recent expedition to the site, which is at a location off South Bimini some 7 miles from the “Bimini Road,” has shown that it is now totally covered by shifting sand. None of the structure is now visible. While the Bahamas is certainly not the most favorite or preferred location for the “mythical” island of Atlantis among those who believe in the legend, it is probably the area that has received the most attention—both supportive and critical. Those who are aware of the actual discoveries in the Bahamas are convinced that there was an unknown maritime culture active in the region probably around 3000 B.C. The underwater remains of harbor breakwaters are located at Bimini, Andros, and Cay Sal Bank. In addition, archaeologist Bill Donato found numerous rectangular structures at the 10,000 BC shoreline off Bimini and the 19,000 B.C. building foundation verified off South Bimini proves that during the last Ice Age, when sea levels were some 300-feet lower, there was some unknown culture present there. Brown’s Ruins, some 50-miles to the south, may prove to be a key piece of this lost culture.”

Dr. Greg Little, Alternate Perceptions Magazine Issue 174, July 2012.…

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