2012 Partial Findings from the Search For Atlantis Project

On his blog, Dr. Greg Little has posted a lengthy article outlining some of this year’s findings. Among the topics discussed are crashed airplanes (at least 331 of them!), the Marble Ruins (actually the result of a 19th century ship wreck), the pre-ice-age Underwater Foundation (circa 19,000 B.C.) and The Rectangles (50 square & rectangular formations in 100 feet of water). Dr. Little also states that one [significant] discovery has been intentionally omitted from the report and that information will be available by Dr. Lora Little at A.R.E.’s October, 2012 Fall Retreat.

You can read the entire text of Dr. Little’s latest report here:


In other news, I’m currently reading Andrew Collins’ latest book, Lightquest, an interesting take on UFOs, light beings and other-wordly phenomenon. Collins examines numerous incidents and presents a compelling case for beings I will call “the Teachers” in my next novel.

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