Has Cayce’s “Temple of the Poseidians” Finally Been Found?

I just received the link to Dr. Greg Little’s latest blog entry and in it he provides an overview of the presentation his wife, Dr. Lora Little, made at an ARE conference at Montgomery Bell State Park near Nashville, TN.

Dr. Lora released the latest findings regarding a submerged megalithic structure near Bimini called Brown’s Ruins. There is now indisputable physical evidence that a large structure – or structures – once existed about 30 miles south of Bimini at the edge of the Great Bahama Bank and near the deeper Gulf Stream. The ruins consist of a “massive mound of rectangular stone blocks, cubic blocks, long beams, smaller building blocks, triangular blocks, huge flat slabs, round columns, fluted columns, and a host of broken blocks of various sizes and shapes.” It is thought that the raw materials for the original structure either came from quarries in Jamaica or Cuba although there’s no historical evidence of this type of material being removed from quarries on Jamaica.

Read all about the Little’s discoveries and their possible discovery of the famed “Temple of the Poseidians” by clicking HERE.


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