Submerged Building Structure Found Near Bimini

Drs. Greg and Lora Little returned to Bimini and Andros Islands in late January/early February as part of the A.R.E.’s Search for Atlantis project. About 70 miles SSW of Bimini, they located what they believe to be the remnants of a submerged building structure that includes large stone blocks and wooden beams. Greg Little estimates the age of the structure to be more than 5,000 years old because that’s when the Great Bahama Bank was last above the water.

Read Dr. Little’s complete report here:

Be sure to check out the links to independent trip reports by Stan and Kim Prachniak. Stan’s first-hand account of snorkeling over Bimini Road is excellent!

In his report, Dr. Little describes a very brief visit to AUTEC, the Navy’s version of Area 51. AUTEC is located on the east side of Andros Island, adjacent to the 6,000+ deep Tongue of the Ocean feature. The AUTEC facility is also used as one of the locations in my most recent novel, Triangle, which takes place in Cuba and on Andros and Bimini Islands.

The Littles plan to return to the Bahamas in March, April, May and June to conduct further investigations and to revisit the building structure.

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