An Update from Dr. Greg Little

As a follow-up to the previous post (Submerged building structure found near Bimini?) Dr. Greg Little provided some interesting background information to Paul Bader, who runs the Atlantis News Yahoo Group blog at The information that follows was posted on a private Yahoo Group only available to members of Bill Donato’s APEX Institute (

“We have recently made 3 documentaries with 2 Canadian TV networks, one with the International History Channel and the other 2 with Vision TV. Those are on Atlantis, Cayce’s 1940 prediction, and one on underwater cities for the series ‘Go Deep.’

“We also made several long expeditions. At Bimini we found the most definitive evidence ever found that the stone structure there is man-made. That will show on the fourth episode of a new series on History, with their premiere episode on the Bermuda Triangle and some of our finds there. We return to Andros in early April (09) to shoot a short piece for a completely different series and have agreed to do another show with The National Geographic Channel sometime in the next 2 months, all in the Bahamas.

“Yes, I do think that Bimini was a part of Atlantis as was Andros and the Great Bahama Bank and Cuba, etc. The main evidence of Atlantis (to me) is at the 90-foot level on an ancient shoreline … about 5 miles off Bimini. Over the past year the A.R.E. has done side-scan sonar of the entire area as well as using an ROV to get video … there is a lot of video. None of that has been shown. When the weather is right we’ll do a close inspection of it.”

In a second post on the private APEX Yahoo Group, Greg answers several questions posed by Paul Bader.

“The definitive evidence at Bimini… We essentially randomly and unintentionally anchored on a spot where we had not been before. When we dove, immediately we found we were right on top of multiple tiers and an area where every skeptical assertion could easily be shown to be false. Blocks on blocks, obviously cut rectangular blocks were found stacked under the big stones everywhere, wedge stones were pulled out, tool marks were seen on many…we even flipped over some big blocks showing how other slabs had been stacked up to level them…and found a cube stone lithified under a big block. The film, which was done in a special HD, was the best I’ve ever seen, it’s like the water isn’t there.

“When the sea levels were lower–110-feet lower in 10,000 BC–the Bimini Road area was about 85-feet above the sea level. Because of features “under” the big blocks, it may be that this area served as a building foundation, or the leveled area where some sort of structure stood. That is complete speculation of course. What isn’t speculation is that what is there now was constructed and or altered by human hands sometime in the remote past.

“The use of the ‘Bimini Road’ as a harbor probably took place around 3000 BC. I had never really speculated about that precise area’s use when it was above water, circa 10,000 BC. The question is, what was there in earlier times before it was used as a harbor? In truth, I can pose that question but I’m not quite certain what it will take to accurately
answer it.

“Two more things. Off Andros at 60+ feet there is a step-like feature cut
into an underwater wall near the Tongue of the Ocean. Off one of the
Berry Islands there is an elevated pile of huge blocks. We have to
investigate these thoroughly before we put out more info on them.”

With several more trips to the Bahamas planned in the coming months, Drs. Greg and Lora Little should have a great of information to share this summer. I’ll continue to monitor the Yahoo groups and report anything of significance.

On a personal note, I’ll be moving to Baja Mexico in mid-May where I hope to investigate the mysterious pre-Columbian cave paintings that have been preserved there. For some background information, visit

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