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The sub-title of this blog is “Information and speculation about MegaAmerica and the ancient maritime cultures of the Caribbean Basin” and I’d like to dedicate this entry to the information part of that subtitle.

I recently ordered two DVD videos produced by Dr. Gregory L. Little that relate directly to the focus of this blog and I recommend them to anyone interested in the subject. Both are available from In The Yucatan Hall of Records, ARE researchers Drs. Greg and Lora Little take you to the ancient Mayan site of Piedras Negras, in western Guatemala, where they search for one of the three Halls of Records predicted by Edgar Cayce to contain the history of Atlantis and Mu. The video also documents trips to Cerritos Island, the site of a little-known Maya port off the northern coast of Yucatan, and to the Bahamas for a first-hand look at the Andros Platform, a three-tiered underwater platform. There are guest appearances by John Van Auken and Andrew Collins and the video demonstrates the size of the area touched by the ancient maritime culture that inhabited the Caribbean 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.

The second video is titled The Ancient Bimini Harbor: Uncovering the Great Bimini Hoax and is required viewing for anyone new to Bimini Road research. It documents a 2005 expedition to Bimini by the Littles, William M. (Bill) Donato and several other researchers. During this trip, the team discovered several ancient stone anchors and tiers of cut stone blocks – all evidence of intelligent inhabitants in the area. The true nature of Bimini “Road” is revealed and a detailed artist’s rendering of the ancient port is shown. Dr. Little also discusses, in some detail, why the Bimini site has been largely ignored by mainstream archaeology and academia.

And if the videos aren’t enough to make you plan your next vacation in the Bahamas, I’ve also included links to two lengthy expedition reports below. The reports were written by Bill Donato for The Atlantis Organization (TAO) and date from 2002 and 2004. They are used with Mr. Donato’s permission. The PDF files are 67 and 47 pages long, respectively, and the files are quite large, so please be patient if you download them. With all due respect to Mr. Donato and/or other photographers involved, the quality of the pictures in my copies is pretty bad. I used a $6,000 Fujitsu scanner and a $1,000 image clean-up program from Kofax to get the best copies I could, but they still leave a lot to be desired. If the interest in these reports is high (as measured by your comments & email) maybe we can talk Mr. Donato into providing the original color photos!

2002 Report          2004 Report

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