‘Is It Real? Atlantis’ airs on NG Channel

(Last updated 7/1/2007)

Ever since Plato first described the existence of an island paradise populated by an advanced civilization, the myth of Atlantis has captured the human imagination. Join NGC on a quest that traverses the globe in search of the ever elusive lost civilization of Atlantis. The special features, among others, Prescott anthropologist George Erikson. Erikson, co-author of Atlantis In America: Navigators of the Ancient World, presents evidence that Atlantis existed in the Yucatan and  in submerged lands off Costa Rica, and the Bahamian, and Cuban coasts 11,500 years ago when sea levels were up to 400 feet lower than today. Erikson presents Plato’s  argument that civilizations are periodically destroyed, often by the people who inhabit them, and only a few of the unlettered survive to eventually create new civilizations, unaware of the past. Erikson posits ancient mariners, not land bridge wanders, as the peoples who connected ancient civilizations.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007, at 6PM PDT and 9PM PDT. Check listings for other time zones.

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