Good Science, Bad Science and the Bahamas

Several years ago, and long before this blog, I ran across a couple of on-line articles by a Dutch professor named Dr. Zweistra that I liked so much I printed them out and filed them away in my “stuff to keep” folder. About a year ago I wanted to include the articles in a blog post I was working on but when I went back to the original Web site I found that it was now password protected. I contacted the University of Leiden (Netherlands) last January and five months later I finally received a reply that basically said, “Sorry, but we can’t help you.”

Last month blog member “SandRock” asked why a specific Greg Little article wasn’t included in my list, so I gave him the background information above. The Little article mentions and quotes Dr. Zweistra but, unfortunately, none of the links at the end work due to the password problem so I chose to omit it rather than create reader confusion.

Luckily for us all, SandRock’s brother happened to be a student at the very same University of Leidenand he helped track down the new location of Dr. Z’s articles, which I’ve listed below.

Thank you member SandRock!

P.S. After you read Dr. Z’s Editorial Page and Dr. L’s article, you’ll understand the title of this post.


Dr. Zweistra’s new site:

Dr. Little’s article:

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