Where are the artifacts?

In a recent communication with Michael Arbuthnot, leader of the underwater exploration group Team Atlantis (http://www.TeamAtlantis.com), I tried to convince him that he and his team should dive the recently discovered linear anomaly site off the Florida Keys and let us all know what’s really down there. While Mike didn’t rule out the trip, he did remind me of something that not only applies to the linear anomaly sites but to MEGA as well – where are the artifacts?

Mike accurately pointed out that if MEGA really exists,  ”then surely associated artifacts related to that site will be found onCuba.” This would be even more true if, as I suggested in an earlier blog entry,Cubawas at the center of a large network of cultural centers that also included the linear anomaly sites.

Mike summed up his perspective this way: “Without employing some standard by which to make judgements regarding the validity of controversial theories, ‘alternative’ ideas will always be viewed with healthy skepticism.”

Point well taken! My limited research into the ancient history of Cuba indicates that at least two pre-Columbian tribes inhabited the island – The Ciboney (or Siboney) and the Taino (or Island Arawak). Archeological records indicate that these groups may have been around for several thousand years before being mostly eradicated by the Spanish in the 1500s but both the Ciboney and the Taino were argrcultural cultures and there’s no evidence that they built any large structures, much less cities the likes of MEGA.

Spanish reporter Luis Mariano Fernandez claims (in http://www.s8int.com/water28.html) to have visited the home of geologist Manuel Iturralde and seen, first hand, images of MEGA recorded by a submarine camera. In that same article, Paulina Zelitsky is quoted as saying that scientists from the University of Veracruz (Mexico) have identified some of the symbols and inscriptions on the monoliths of MEGA as being Olmec in origin. If these pictures are ever made public, they may well provide proof that MEGA is really down there, but Mike Arbuthnot’s comments still leave us with the burning question – where are the artifacts?

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