Update on Bimini Research

After a great deal of anticipation about last year’s Ancient Mysteries Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia, information about the ongoing research in the Bahamas seems to have vaporized. In fact, after his three-part “teaser” that lead up to the 2007 conference, Dr. Greg Little didn’t publish a word about the Bahamas in his online Alternate Perceptions Magazine until the June, 2008 issue. In a paragraph titled Bimini Expedition Yields Compelling Evidence of Two Ancient Harbors, Little brings us up to date on the latest theories about two underwater megalithic features: Bimini Road and Paradise Point Pier. Little also briefly mentions a May, 2008 expedition that will be featured in two History Channel documentaries later this year.

For the full story, see: http://www.mysterious-america.net/news2008areconfe.html

The Littles will speak again this year at the October 9-12 Ancient Mysteries Conference along with Andrew Collins, Michael Faught, John Van Auken, James Mullaney and the recently booked Zechariah Sitchin.

Conference information and registration is available at: https://commerce.solutrix.com/ARE/ARESecure/conf_registerHQ81001.html

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