Stunning New Photos of Bimini’s Undersea Rectangles

Dr. Greg Little, in a new article posted here at Alternate Perceptions Magazine, has released some stunning photos of the undersea rectangles that he believes may be the foundations of ancient stone buildings. There are apparently about 50 individual structures, each measuring approximately 10 x 45 feet in size and resting on the ocean floor 100 feet below the surface. According to Little, this puts them on the 10,000 B.C. shoreline and would imply that the maritime culture who laid them out in straight, parallel rows is more than twice as old as the culture that built the pyramids in Egypt!

You can view the photos here:

Dr. Little’s latest article is loaded with big news for those who have been following the Bimini research but, for me, the most exciting part is the section titled “First Definitive Underwater Stone Building Ruins Found?” You see, in the spring of 2006 I released the third and final novel in my Seeds of Civilization series. Like the previous two installments, Triangle is loosely based on real underwater archaeology and it even includes scenes set in the “Lost City of Cuba.” However, the climax takes place off the southern coast of South Bimini and four years ago I wrote about an “unusual structure” in almost exactly the same spot where the Littles’ most recent expedition has just discovered never before explored stone ruins! Once again, fact meets fiction!

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