Sidebar # 1 – MEGA’s Strange Neighborhood

[This is the first of several “Sidebar” topics relating to MEGA that I plan to share with you, so please stop by often.]

A company called Satellite Discoveries was created with the goal of analyzing satellite imagery for the purpose of archaeological discovery and one of their many significant finds directly involves MEGA. Using precise satellite data mapping, Satellite Discoveries has located an unusual perfectly straight line etched into the ocean floor that connects MEGA with Andros Island in the Bahamas. To see the images for yourself, click HERE. Be forewarned, though, that once you browse to the Satellite Discoveries Web site, you’re going to be captivated with their many images!

The MEGA line, which is actually part of a network of lines in the area, seems to imply that the Cuban site may have been part of a much larger complex. Could the lines be ancient highways or are they merely naturally occurring faults in the seabed?

After my first visit to the Satellite Discoveries site, I decided to look into Andros Island and I turned up some interesting facts. Along with being just inside the accepted boundary of the Bermuda Triangle, Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas and it’s covered with thick, impenetrable bush. In fact, its 2,300 square miles may be the largest unexplored area in the Western Hemisphere. On the eastern side of the island is the Andros Barrier Reef, the third largest in the world. The reef rims an area called the Tongue of the Ocean, with its 6,000-foot drop off. The Andros area is also the site of numerous blue holes – extremely deep underwater cave systems.

But Andros Island, with its population of some 10,000 full-time residents, is also the home of another interesting site. In a remote area along the coast of Andros is the Atlantic Undersea Test and EvaluationCenter– AUTEC – the Navy’s version of Area 51! Be advised that the AUTEC Website is located on a DOD computer and traffic to and from the site is monitored.

Andros Island is just one of the many interesting MEGA connections – stay tuned for more in upcoming Sidebars!

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