PRESS RELEASE – Evidence of Ice Age Civilizations in the Americas

Advanced Planetary Explorations Institute Announces Discovery Of Possible Underwater Ruins In The Bahamas

Evidence of Ice Age Civilization in the Americas?

For Immediate Release

BUENA PARK, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/Feb 14, 2010 — The Advanced Planetary Explorations (APEX) Institute ( today announced the discovery of possible, submerged ruins in the waters near the Bimini Islands of the Bahamas.

William Donato, archeologist and president of APEX, a California based non-profit organization, has investigated this area over a 20-year period. He has directed several side-scan sonar surveys as part of an ongoing archeological investigation seeking evidence of ancient man in the Bahamas.

Donato’s 1998 investigation revealed the presence of structural anomalies on the ocean floor. These side-scan sonar results were verified in subsequent surveys in 1999 and 2006. The existence of these anomalies, that include a series of several dozen rectangles, have been visually confirmed by other researchers within the last two years.

“The side-scan images reveal possible megalithic structures whose depth would place them toward the end of the Pleistocene Era – approximately 10,000 B.C. – when this area was above the surface. These structures are covered in ocean sand, coral, and marine vegetation, and they are of uniform size and oriented to each other, indicating human origin,” said Donato. “We hope to excavate selected targets within the site to verify the existence of these ruins.”

Donato stated that APEX plans to continue further investigations with the National Museum of the Bahamas – the Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation (AMMC).

MEDIA: To interview William Donato or to request additional photos, call 714-527-3979.

CONTACT: William Donato APEX Institute 6599 Via Gancho Circle Buena Park, CA 90620 PHONE. 714-527-3979 EMAIL:

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SOURCE: Advanced Planetary Explorations Institute (APEX)

AVAILABLE MEDIA: Photo: William Donato, archeologist at Bimni. (size: 37.0 k) Photo by Vanda Osmon

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