Portal to Maya Underworld Found in Mexico?

Here’s an interesting article from National Geographic: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/08/080822-maya-maze.html

But, as usual, the “traditional” archaeologists make some really DUMB assumptions! Not only can they not agree on which came first – the Maya legends about an underworld or the caves of the Yucatan – but near the end of the article is the following statement:

Saturno said the discovery of the temples underwater indicates the significant effort the Maya put into creating these portals. In addition to plunging deep into the forest to reach the cave openings, Maya builders would have had to hold their breath and dive underwater to build some of the shrines and pyramids.

So does this guy (“a Maya expert”) really think the Maya could hold their breath long enough (or had scuba technology) to do underwater construction?  Isn’t it possible that the water was just lower back then? DUH!

Obviously, the reason the academics won’t even discuss lower water levels is because then they would have to conceed that many ancient (and as yet undiscovered) cultures may have vanished due to rising sea levels. Since the peak of the last ice age, about 18,000 years ago, the oceans have risen 390 feet, swallowing up millions of square miles of what used to be “prime waterfront property” – exactly where ancient cultures would have settled. Today, if the oceans rose just 30 feet (less than 10% of the ice age rise) 634 million people would be displaced and every costal city on earth would be underwater!

Everything archaeology “knows” is based on a poorly done examination of less than 30% of the planet – that part that sticks out of the water! Maybe it’s time they got their feet wet.

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