New Discoveries in the Bahamas (Part 3 of 3)

Dr.Greg Little’s third report details the discovery of “Joulter’s Wall” – a stone wall found in shallow water off a deserted island seven miles north of Andros. Little and his team spent four days filming the wall and exploring the surrounding islands, known as the Joulter Cays.

In Dr.Greg Little’s words:

“The wall itself is actually located in a small, narrow bay between what appears to be two islands. The bay is 3-7-feet deep, depending on the tide, and has sharks coming in at high tide. From the bay, the wall extends diagonally away from the two islands into water that is one-to-four feet deep ending where sandbars are located and the bottom is barely covered by water. About two miles further, through this shallow water, is the [6,000-foot] deep Tongue of the Ocean.”

Describing the wall, he reports:

“The wall is primarily made from square and rectangular limestone blocks that range in length from 3-6-feet, a width of 2-3-feet, and a thickness of 6-inches to 3-feet—with some blocks far larger. The blocks are obviously cut and roughly dressed and rough tool marks are clearly visible on many. There are some smaller, cube-like stones, about a foot square, occasionally found in portions of the intact wall and in places on the bottom. One area of the wall remains fairly intact and is found in water about 6-feet deep. Brushing the sandy bottom underneath the lowest tier of stones revealed more limestone blocks under the visible portion. How far down it extends is unknown. This section of the wall runs approximately 30-feet long and is formed by the massive blocks stacked on top of each other with 2-3 vertical layers of blocks visible.”

On the nearby island, Little’s team discovered two small dams possibly used as fish traps. Although Bahamian fishermen claim they’ve never used traps, Little suggests that they look very similar to those commonly used by the Maya.

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Don’t forget that The Littles will be presenting the full results of the 2006-2007 Bimini and Andros expeditions at the Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference in Virginia Beach, VA on October 6, 2007.

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