New Discoveries in the Bahamas! [Part 2 of 3]

In this second installment of his three-part report, Dr. Greg Little provides more information about the discoveries made during several recent expeditions to the Bahamas. This month he details the finds at Bimini and next month he’ll conclude the series with a piece on the discoveries at Andros Island.

Highlights of this month’s article include a more comprehensive description of the marble columns, beams and slabs (complete with underwater photos) that I discussed in a previous post and a side-scan sonar image from Bill Donato’s November, 2006 expedition. I’ve personally seen nearly thirty of these images, and some of them are very interesting, indeed. Little describes a dive to one of these sites and explains why he thinks the rectangular formations found there may be the foundations of 12,000 year-old buildings!

Read the entire article at:

Drs. Greg and Lora Little will be presenting the results of their recent Bahamas expeditions at the annual Ancient Mysteries Conference in Virginia Beach, VA on October 6, 2007. See for more details.

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