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Is a big discovery/announcement just around the corner? Dr. Greg Little has posted several newsworthy items on a message board called Atlantis Online that hint at big things to come. ( Although Bill Donato will not be making the trip, I have personally seen the side-scan sonar images that Greg Little refers to below and – in my opinion – there’s no question that they show building foundations on the ocean floor. If they are actually 12,000 years old, all those archaeology books you have in your library will soon be worthless!

Just a brief update. My wife Lora and I returned from the Bahamas a day ago after filming for a “Bermuda Triangle” show that will air on the National Geographic Channel. We had found an intriguing plane underwater during one of our earlier trips and had no time to investigate it then. For this show we completely focused on this plane. At the moment–pending final ID on several plane part numbers we retrieved– we believe it is one of the most important and mysterious disappearances in the region. (No, it is NOT a Flight-19 plane, but we can’t release more details on it yet.) I don’t know when that show will air, but I have seen the film the Nat Geo crew shot of the investigation. They were far more excited about it than we were. By the way, they also shot a series of film “blog” reports they will post on the Nat Geo website. These are candid and somewhat humorous clips, a few of which I shot. They aren’t posted yet as far as I can tell.

Oddly, while there, we were asked in a phone call and we subsequently agreed to go back this coming week with a History Channel crew to perform an analysis on a deep water set of structures first found by archaeologist Bill Donato in a side-scan sonar project. Our subsequent visit to the site yielded an intriguing photo of what looks like building foundations on the bottom. We leave in a few days and will be accompanied by Donato and the film crew and substantial back-up technology to accomplish this. This could potentially yield very big news and there has been an incredible amount of other research in this area that we can’t discuss yet. The show is due to air in late June or July and could instantly change the way the Bahamas are viewed archaeologically. This will be the culmination of a lot of work by a whole lot of people. Lora and I are just the latest in a long line of people who have spent their own money and devoted their time to truly uncover what is actually there. The formations we are investigating are located just above the 10,000 BC shoreline–the time of Plato and Cayce’s Atlantis.

One more little detail. As many know we investigated the alleged pyramids in Florida and found nothing. We also had plans to look around the Berry Islands for a pyramid supposedly found by Dr. Ray Brown in the early 70′s. Our main Bahama contact has been conducting preliminary searches in the Berry chain for us and now we suspect that what Brown found back then may have finally been located. If we have time and the weather is good, we’ll take a detour next week to have a close look–both filming and photographing it. I have a good description of it, but until we actually document it, there is no reason to give that description. I know a lot of people have long been interested in the Ray Brown story and it may actually have a basis.

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