Is the Search Really Over?

The following comments from Dr. Greg Little were posted on the Atlantis Online message board titled “The A.R.E.’s 2008 Search for Atlantis.”


These comments relate to earlier papers published by Little on the Internet and many have been reproduced elsewhere on in this blog. For me – and probably for this blog – the most significant portion of the dialog that follows is in the third paragraph from the end, where Dr. Little says, “We have no intention of doing anything else at Bimini, all we can do there has been done already.”

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What we know is this: the boat on the Great Bahama Bank is from the 1600s and the wall at Joulters is a complete mystery. We have expended all the time we will on trying to gather more info on the wall at Joulters. We may eventually try to dig out some portions to see exactly how far down it extends and goes. Two of the planes we found are planes reportedly lost in the Bermuda Triangle…the second one was identified in October. The marble temple ruins we found at Bimini are supposedly the cargo of a ship from 1823 BUT we discovered that this sits on top of the long-sought-after Phoenician ship that was reported discovered in 1970 or so. The Phoenician ship was found (or allegedly found) by several of the early 1970s people who investigated Bimini. An old “In Search Of” episode was the final piece of evidence we needed. But I don’t think anyone ever verified that it was really Phoenician. We discovered this fact with Andrew Collins the night we left for the conference at Virginia Beach back in October, but we have not yet publicly released that bit of interesting info. At the least, we ran down the source of the Phoenician ship discovered at Bimini and now have the precise location. I have no idea how they determined it was Phoenician, but that’s what they seemed to surmise from its size, shape, etc. We have no further plans regarding the marble or the ships. Plus, we processed all of the underwater photos of the rectangular formations on the bottom about 5 miles off Bimini in 90-feet of water. These were initially found in the side-scan project Bill Donato did back in Nov. 06. The photos were converted to b/w and the contrast and brightness enhanced. The rectangular formations are all deeply encrusted with coral, but seem to be formed with small building blocks neatly stacked. Corners are visible as are layers of stone. These seem to be the remains of small stone buildings that were at an elevated shoreline in 10,000 BC. I have now spoken to a well-known mainstream archaeologist about these and am trying to arrange a professional excavation conducted by a university-based archaeology group that is completely impartial. I initially had no idea if it would come about. But now I think it will.

Another large ARE side-scan sonar/sub-bottom profiling project will be done in February at Bimini. It will investigate some deep stone anomalies and look at the descending wall of the Gulf Stream at 300-feet in an area that Dr. Joan Hanley identified about a decade ago.

The ARE completed a huge side-scan sonar & sub-bottom profiling project at Bimini in the summer. It went over many of the areas Bill did back in 2006 but covered about 3x the total area Bill did. It found only one anomaly, the one that will be tested in Feb 08.

As to plans, we have been actively testing various boats and are going to buy one sufficient to do what we need. We have been to various boat shows and to marinas in Florida, Virginia and Georgia looking for what we need. It is not as easy as it sounds. We have no intention of doing anything else at Bimini, all we can do there has been done already.

Our first order of business is to do an extended aerial survey over the next portion of the Great Bahama Bank and identify the locations of potential targets. That will be in late January or early Feb.  But we intend to spend about a week in central Andros immediately after the aerial survey. We also have made tentative plans to go to the
Canary islands but there are just so much time.

I am now completing our next documentary which has realistic
reenactments of Cayce giving some of the important Atlantis readings and then show what has been found. This has already been filmed and came out very well.

So here’s the question of the day: Will someone else pick up the search for the ancient maritime culture(s) of the Caribbean or is it really GAME OVER?

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