Interesting Comments from Dr. Greg Little

In the current online issue of Alternate Preceptions Magazine (Issue #144, January, 2010) Dr. Greg Little makes some very interesting comments about the widely reported claim by a “unknown group” regarding the discovery of a submerged city somewhere in the Caribbean. Little says:

“I have been asked by many people about the recent report regarding an ‘underwater city’ discovered by satellite imagery in the Caribbean. The report certainly generated a lot of publicity and comment. While I suspected that the imagery was an artifact of the imaging process and perhaps a hoax, I still contacted the author of the article who eventually phoned me. After a long discussion about the location and the process used to obtain the images I conclude that there may, in fact, be a lot more behind the announcement than I initially suspected. But a lot has to be done before anything else can be concluded about it. Due to the location and logistical obstacles involved with the site, my hunch is that it’ll be some time before any more details emerge. I have agreed to keep all details about it confidential, so I ask all those interested to not ask me for any more details.”

Dr. Little also talks about the GUE dive team that has been contracted by A.R.E. to explore some of the sites near Bimini. See the entire article at:

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