History Channel to Feature Bimini Research in “Lost Atlantis” Episode

In recent correspondence to Paul Bader (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Halls-of-Atlantis/) Dr. Greg Little released some information about upcoming episodes of the History Channel’s “Mysteryquest” series that will featrure work done this year in Bimini. One episode, showing now, focuses on the numerous crashed airplanes the Little’s have discovered during their travels in the Bermuda Triangle and an October 9th episode will (finally) show closeup video of the “rectangles” we’ve heard so much about.

Here’s the text of Dr. Little’s post on the Yahoo Group:

On Wednesday Oct. 7 at 9 pm (Eastern time) on the History Channel the 4th show of the new series “Mysteryquest” will be on “Lost Atlantis.” The show will show side-scan sonar from the “rectangles” area in deep water off Bimini as well as closeup high definition video of some of the formations. They also did some Cayce reading recreations for the show, but we don’t know how this will come off or what it’ll say or show. This area was first found by Bill Donato and APEX in 2006, but had been previously seen in an earlier Donato project. We took the first photos of it in 2008 and the first film in 2009. But this should be of interest to anyone interested in Cayce.

The 2nd episode, which aired last Wed and has shown repeatedly since then showed underwater planes in that general area as we shot two episiodes while there. It was called the “Devils Triangle.” On December 9 at 1 pm on Nat Geo another show, which concerns the Bermuda Triangle, will be shown and another plane, about 5 miles off Bimini was investigated. We think it turned out to be one of the more important Bermuda Triangle disappearaces, but haven’t been told for certain.

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