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Paul Bader, editor of the Yahoo Group Atlantis News, recently alerted me to some new information about the search for the “lost city of Cuba” (aka MEGA). In an article on his Website, British author Andrew Collins reveals some previously undisclosed facts surrounding the discovery and sheds some light on why additional information about the discovery seems to have vaporized. In this interesting article, he even suggests that Zelitsky and Weinzweig have “simply vanished off the map” – something I know NOT to be true because…

Here’s the “news”, as told by Andrew Collins:

Cuban Atlantis Conspiracy?
by Andrew Collins

I regularly receive emails asking what happened regarding the apparent
discovery by a Canadian salvage company of alleged archaeological
structures in the deep sea off the west coast of Cuba back in 2001.
There was a lot of publicity concerning these finds at the time, then
the whole thing simply went dead.

Back then I had just written a book entitled GATEWAY TO ATLANTIS (2000),
which proposes that Cuba was the flagship of Plato’s Atlantis (see more
by clicking here). I also predicted that important underwater remains
awaited discovery off the island’s west coast. Now those discoveries had
seemingly been made, so I was patted on the back by my contemporaries. I
wrote articles on the subject, appeared on various radio stations, and
was even invited to lecture at the last ever conference organised by the
late Thor Hyerdahl in the Canary Islands, which took place in June 2001
(Regrettably, I was unable to attend as I was already lecturing in
Vienna that same weekend).

I was as excited as everyone about what had been found off Cuba by
Russian-born salver Paulina Zelitsky and her Canadian partner Paul
Weinsweig, who traded under the name ADC Communcations. I was involved
in the whole affair from the offset, interviewing Weinzweig at length on
the telephone, and speaking to them both on a regular basis. I was also
involved in setting up a publishing deal for exclusive world rights on
the story with publishers Randon House. So here is one email I received
recently asking what went on, and whether or not there was a conspiracy
to hush the matter up:

“We’re trying to find out why there is no more news on the sunken ruins
found near Western Cuba since 2004. No one has proven that the stones
are either natural or man-made. We’re beginning to believe there is a
conspiracy to make this find go away.

“I remember a while back you posted a comment on your website in which
you said you witnessed actual data from Paulina Zelitsky from ADC. You
said you had to be careful about what you said and not to disclose
anything they said was forbidden. Did you see anything suspicious that
would warrant a conspiracy? Is there anything that you can say that
won’t break your promise? Can you contact Paulina Zelitsky to confirm
why the public has not heard from them?”

And my reply: “There is no conspiracy, simply human necessities. Paulina
Zelitsky and Paul Weinzweig held out as long as possible for the best
possible deal on world rights to release pictures and video footage of
what had been found. I know, I was involved with the deal from Random
House, and was to have ghost written the accompanying book, which would
have been accredited to them (I was chosen since the agent working on
the project was working with me also, and I had just released GATEWAY TO
ATLANTIS, which pinpointed Cuba as the site of the main island of Atlantis).

“The money on offer was seven figures in pounds sterling (based on a
sliding scale of what had been discovered), but Paulina Zelitsky and
Paul Weinzweig refused the offer, wanting even more to fund their future
expeditions. They hoped that NatGeo would top the offer. However, when
finally the pair released video footage of what they had found it was
deemed both of poor quality and not what was hoped, and since Zelitsky
and Weinzweig had run out of money, a stalemate ensued. No further
footage could be got, so the Random House offer (which they could have
taken) was withdrawn. I have no idea what offer NatGeo made, but I
suspect it was afterwards withdrawn also.

“Zelitsky and Weinzweig had to go back to what they know best – treasure
hunting and vessel salvage, and no one has heard from them since. They
have simply vanished off the map. Story ends.

“This said, I firmly believe that prehistoric archaeology does await
discovery off Cuba, and hopefully within the next year I will take part
in a major expedition to identify suspected structures off both the
north and south coasts of the island.

“Cuba is by far the best candidate for Atlantis’s flag ship, and one day
hopefully we will be in a position to prove that.”

“What exactly Zelitsky and Weinzweig discovered remains a mystery.
Whether artificial structures, ballast from Russian submarines or
natural features, we might never know. All theories are possible.”

source: http://www.andrewco page/news/ news25.htm
2nd Link:

Andrew Collins is currently working on a book about the hunt for the
Egyptian Hall of Records slated to be published next year.

Paul Bader’s AtlantisNews Yahoo Group:

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