Bimini’s Maritime Culture May Have Lasted 7,900 Years

If you’ve read the posts on this site and followed the links to the work being done in the Bahamas by Drs. Greg and Lora Little and the A.R.E. group, you know that there is now strong evidence that man-made structures exist on the sea floor west of Bimini Island in the Bahamas. Further, these structures have been located at two distinct depths: about 92 feet and about 300 feet. In a recent email, William M. Donato (who is mentioned frequently in the material found on this site) made a very interesting observation which is paraphrased here with his permission.

According to Donato, the features at 92 feet should date to about 9,600 B.C. based on accepted sea level data. That is, the rising ocean would have submerged these features about 9,600 B.C. Using the same sea level data, the features at 300 feet would have been submerged about 17,500 B.C. If the structures all belonged to the same culture, then this culture not only existed long before our current civilization emerged around 3,500 B.C. but it also lasted at least 7,900 years – several thousand years longer than our culture has been around.

The significance of the discoveries being made in the Bahamas is HUGE. If the current evidence stands the test of scientific investigation, it would imply that the β€œnew” world was inhabited by a complex maritime culture long before the rise of the Sumerians in Mesopotamia – the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates in present-day Iraq. Anthropology and archaeology would be forced to start over with a whole new set of assumptions and rewrite ancient history.

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