Bimini Underwater Rectangles Yield Stunning Finds

Drs. Greg and Lora Little have posted a new report on their continuing exploration of the mysterious, rectangular shapes 100 feet below the surface west of the Bimini Road structure in the Bahamas. Still not ready to make any definitive claims, Lora says, “It may well be that the remains of man made structures are truly on the edge of this 10,000 BC shoreline—which would be a stunning and completely mind-boggling discovery.” Her detailed report can be found in its entirety at:

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve had an opportunity to see the original side-scan sonar images recorded during the November, 2006 expedition led by Bill Donato and they certainly appear to show rectangular, intentionally placed structures of some kind on the ocean floor. In their professional and conservative tradition, the Little’s aren’t making any claims just yet, but each expedition creeps closer to the day when a 12,000 year old culture will be confirmed in the NEW WORLD! Because of the similarities between stone anchors found in the Bahamas and those used by the ancient Phoenicians, one can’t help wondering which anchors were fashioned first!

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