Archaeology in the Bahamas

In recent weeks I’ve become active on several Internet forums, including and the Google Earth Community. As I’ve browsed the topics relating to archaeology, the Caribbean and other related topics, I’ve discovered that a lot of folks haven’t heard about the discoveries being made in the Bahamas, especially those relating to the “Bimini Road” feature.

Anthropologist William (Bill) Donato just returned from another expedition to the area and he told me, “Expedition went VERY WELL. May FINALLY have evidence of ancient man — ” but until he has time to document his most recent work you might want to catch up on what’s been going on in the Bahamas. I’ve compiled a bibliography of online articles published by Donato and by Dr. Greg Little, another active Bahams researcher and I just made this list available for download from this post. Click HERE to download. The list is separated by author and organized in reverse chronological order, so you’ll want to read from the bottom up.

Many of Little’s articles delve into the “conspiracy” relating to the 1968 Bimini Road discovery and how it was swept under the rug for more than 20 years by the archaeological “establishment” because it didn’t fit their theories!

As time permits, I’ll post other downloadable files in the new section, so check back frequently and see what’s new.

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