12,000-Year-Old Structures Found Near Bimini

In the July, 2009, issue of Alternate Perceptions Magazine, Dr. Lora Little and Dr. Greg Little published an archeological reconstruction of 35 square and rectangular formations located in 90-feet of water, about 5 miles off Bimini Island in the western Bahamas. Lying on the edge of the 10,000 BC shoreline, this series of well-spaced, similarly oriented rectangular and square formations are all the size and shape of buildings, platforms, and even occasionally seem to have ramps and multiple tiers. In places, what appear to be smaller stone blocks are seen in the sides of the formations giving them the appearance of buildings. Prior articles on expeditions to this area can be found here.

Stay tuned, because I’ve had the privilege of seeing some underwater photos of other structures in the same area and this could be the archaeological find of the century!

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